A story by a psychology intern – Adapting to life overseas


Hello readers,

I’m Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, and I am currently studying in Malaysia. Christmas and New Years are around the corner, which made me do some reflection about living abroad from family. Being away from family is a considerably challenging situation, and I’m here to share my story and how I cope during the holidays!

The choice of studying abroad is not an easy decision. There are many things to consider such as where to go, which University/college do you want to go to, how are your finances, how is the weather, will language and culture affect you?

The first couple of weeks, In the first couple of weeks, I felt disconnected from the world, it was a horrible feeling. Over time, I started learning to adapt to the new environment.

Making a new friend is step one to develop the system. Making a friend is my social support where we can study together, hang out, have fun, explore their culture.

What helps me to have friends is my brother’s advice. He told me that all the people you meet on the path of life have something to teach you, and that’s how I gained a new perspective of life. As a result, I become more open-minded with people and understating even if they’re very different from me.

Back home, I was very close to my family.It was a tricky decision for me because I had to choose whether I wanted to go overseas, or continue studying near home. Eventually, I decided to go with my journey not just for educational purposes but also for personal growth.

where i felt on my own, and i have to deal with the situations by my roles and principles

My family was everything to me, they were with me in every step of my life, but now I’m far away from them. I will have to miss certain occasions such as the new year, birthdays, and many other events, which is frustrating. All I can do is call them, and I try to imagine that I am there. Reality is, that I am not. This makes me feel very frustrated and is one of the most challenging things that I am facing in my journey.

Even though I feel sad, I video call them to be with them on those occasions and be happy with them, which will make them happy. Seeing them smile means the world to me.

When we end the call, my brain starts to realize that I’m not there, so I have to go back to my reality and focus on my present life. What helps me deal with those situations is spending time with my friends. I talk about the occasions to them and explain what the events are, which gives me a sense of being there. Also, those feelings push me to seek new opportunities. I plan for my next trip to see my family, which keeps me focused on my goals and prevents me from making rash decisions.

I hope sharing my journey will help you in your journey. Remember, going after your goals might not be easy, but eventually, it will be rewarding to you and everyone who cares about you.

If you would like to share your story, drop us an email at team@akindplace.co or leave us a comment below. I would love to hear more about how you cope with being away from family and how you are spending these holiday seasons that are coming up!

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