Can counselling help with panic attacks?

Anxiety panic attack Counselling

Panic attacks can come at the most inconvenient times and feel like the end of the world. Work with our counsellors to learn how to manage your anxiety better and reduce your experience of panic attacks

Counselling for men in Singapore

Today I want to talk more about men’s mental health. Men are often portrayed as strong and “manly”, a gender that is stoic, not known to show emotions. Some men may think that talking about mental health may be seen as a sign of weakness.

Counselling in Singapore needs to be more accessible to everyone

Hello readers, Today I am writing because yesterday my mother shared that one of her colleagues committed suicide. This was an Indian national, in his 20s, working in Singapore. He was alone in Singapore with no family. Apparently it was said that he had family issues. This made me think. We talk about accessibility to […]

Tips from a Psychologist in Singapore improve relationships

Hello readers, Over the years, I have met many different people. I have lived in 3 different countries, and travelled many places. This has given me the opportunity to experience and interact with many people from different backgrounds, cultures, socio-economic status, and countries. Through interacting with different people, I have noticed that people are the […]

Mistakes – A Singapore Psychologist’s perspective

Hello readers, A few months ago, when I was still employed at my previous workplace, I made a mistake – I sent an email to the CEO that should have been sent through an admin staff instead. My boss questioned me and I broke down. I was terrified and this bothered me throughout the rest […]

Does seeing a counsellor in Singapore help?

Hello readers, Recently I have been hearing more and more people ask this question, how do I know if I need counselling? I feel like there’s nothing wrong with me, but people around me think I should seek professional help. I have been putting it off because I want to be able to find my […]

A Psychologist in Singapore’s perspective on loneliness

Hello readers, As a Millennial, I grew up in the generation where I watched typewriters, faxes, landlines with cords, and pagers slowly become extinct. I watched where people would queue up for hours to get their hands on huge handphones without colour. Where “snake” was one of the most popular handphone games. I played games […]