Do we need couples counselling in Singapore?

Hi everyone! I’ve been noticing friends wanting to talk about their relationship issues more frequently due to Covid-19 and forced proximity with their partners. Under such scrutiny, issues may appear that seem small, insignificant and would disappear on their own, but these may actually have a large and lasting impact on the relationship. Many times, […]

How counselling in Singapore has helped me get over rejection

Hello everyone! Have you ever felt incompetent, unwanted, or unworthy? These feelings normally stem from being rejected in one way or another. Rejection was one of the most difficult parts of life that I had to face, and I would like to share with you how I managed to overcome it. Before that, let me […]

How counselling helped me overcome loss and grief

Hello Readers, Time flies, it is now April 2022 and a quarter of the year has passed. It has been two years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. Many of us have been affected in different ways. Millions, globally, have lost their loved ones to the virus; a […]