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Can counselling help overcome social media addiction in Singapore?

Hello readers,

We live in a modern world where we are so connected yet disconnected at the same time. The internet has given us the ability to connect with people from all over the world, it has allowed us to know what’s happening miles away from home. However, people are feeling more and more lonely these days.

We scroll through social media and we see our friends appearing to have a good time, or appear to be travelling all the time. We think that they are happy, that they are enjoying themselves. We look at ourselves and we think, “Wow.. why am I not THAT happy?”, “Why am I not living that exciting life”, “Why can’t I have that too?”. Our society is slowly recognising that social media might lead to comparison, might lead to unhappiness, and might lead to social isolation. Hence, we often hear people say, “take a break from social media, just delete it off your phone”

However, taking a break from social media is no easy feat. Many people want to take a break from social media and experience life the old fashion style, where we get to know a person’s life by asking the person about their life instead of scrolling through only their best parts of their lives. However, many struggle with doing so. There are 4.2 billion users of social media worldwide. If these 4.2 billion people all took a break from social media, we’d probably all be grieving and not know what to do with ourselves! Social media isn’t always bad. There are some benefits to using social media.

The positive effect of social media:

  • Social media platforms provide us with opportunities to connect with and interact with ourfriends and families regardless of time and geographic location.
  • Social media can be entertaining and uplifting
  • Social media can provide information and self-learning tools.
  • We can learn from educational channels on social media
  • Social media can improve an our creativity.
  • Social media can help us practice communication skills and help us feel more connection with others

On the other hand, there are some negative aspects in social media toward our life:

  • Social media can impact our self-image.
  • Social media can lead to social comparisons
  • Social media can make us feel more isolated Social media is has been found to increase cyberbullying.
  • Social media can impact our ability to interact in real life
  • Social media can cause us to detach from real life and absorbed into the fantasies or tales online

If we learn to use social media wisely, there can be many benefits to our lives as seen above. However, if not used properly, can cause a lot of harm as also seen above. Instead of totally deleting social media, or trying to get rid of it, or calling it evil, let’s learn to use it in a balanced manner, that brings us more joy than sorrow.

Tips to using social media wisely:

  1. Set time limits on your social media usage,
  2. Avoid posting negative comments on others’ content
  3. Block toxic accounts (People who post harmful content, inappropriate content, make mean comments, or say spiteful things)
  4. Be the positive voice and encourage the people around you
  5. Choose your privacy settings to only friends and family if you don’t want everyone on the internet seeing it

How counselling in Singapore can help manage social media usage?

Many clients come to us telling us about feeling miserable in their lives and feeling upset because of social media usage. During counselling, we can explore what social media usage does to you, for you, and how using social media can affect your mental health. When you seek help from a therapist, you can learn to be more aware of your social media usage. Usually social media is a means of coping with stress or anxiety. Counselling can help you find healthier means in dealing with your anxieties and help you live a better and more fulfilling life.

We are believers that everything done in moderation is healthy. We use social media to spread positive messages and help share tips to improve mental health. Check out and follow our Tiktok, instagram, and Facebook! That’s all for today, till next time! 🙂