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Can counselling help with weight loss?

Hello readers,

Hope you are all still doing well in this semi-open Singapore. Recently I realised that people in Singapore love to meet to eat. When you ask your friends out or when your friends ask you out, what is the most common activity that you do? I would guess a large percentage of you would say eat!

What can I say, we love our food. One main hobby of many people here is eating. It’s okay to love our food, but do you know what your relationship to food is?

Personally, I realised that I eat 3 standard meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to my 3 meals, I snack! I am guilty of eating just because it is meal time, or when I feel stressed, bored, or even anxious. I don’t have the best relationship with food. This made me think, how can I change my relationship with food. I was lucky because I was given the opportunity to learn more about my relationship to food through preparing for a webinar on mindful eating and exercise.

Preparing for my webinar on mindful eating has made me rethink my relationship with food again. Like many, I too am guilty of not always being mindful when I am eating. The TV is so tempting, or I get bored during a meeting. There’s just a million and one things around that distract me or tempt me to multitask (Eating + doing whatever task at hand).

Counselling in Singapore can first help us understand our relationship with food

So how can we change our relationship to food?

One way is through the mindful eating cycle by founder Michelle May MD

The questions in the cycle help you answer “Am I hungry”. This is the first step to understanding yourself and your relationship to food.

Why do you eat? – Is it because you are hungry? Or is it because you are bored, stressed, anxious, or sad?

When do you want to eat? – Is it when you are watching TV? Doing homework? Doing work?

What do you eat? – Do you eat healthy food? Junk?

How do you eat? – Do you chew your food? Do you gobble it all down? Do you pay attention to what you eat?

How much do you eat? – Do you eat just enough to fill you? Do you eat more than what is needed? Do you not eat enough?

Where do you invest your energy in? – Do you go out to exercise? Are you a couch potato?

More detailed questions can be found here : The Mindful Eating Cycle – Am I Hungry?

Once you’ve understood your relationship with food, you can move on to practicing eating mindfully. It’s simple.

On your next meal,

  1. Before you eat, notice your food, how does it look and smell?
  2. Put it in your mouth, how does it taste and feel?
  3. What do you hear when you are eating?
  4. Slow down, chew your food slowly and feel it in your mouth.
  5. How did your food get to you today? Who was involved in the process?
  6. Practice gratitude for your food.

Mindful eating has many benefits for everyone. It helps with weight loss, choosing healthier meals, reducing binge eating, and learning to manage stress better. It also helps cultivate mindfulness in our daily lives! 🙂

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