Can environmental wellness be addressed in counselling?


Hello readers, I would like to share something different today. Before you read on, I have a question for you – are you thriving well in your environment?

Perhaps, “What do you mean?” might be the first thought that came to your mind.

Let me explain! Your environment is referred to as the surroundings you are in on a day-to-day basis. It could be your very own house, your workplace or school, and even places out of these three environments. When you are functioning in these environments, do you feel that your stress levels are elevated? Or do you feel a good integration within these environments that you feel internal happiness surfacing? If your answer is the latter, congratulations, you are thriving in the environments that you are in.

The reality of being human is that we are constantly placed in different environments and there could be different stimuli that trigger negative feelings and sensations. One way to regulate and sustain good mental well-being is to cultivate environmental wellness.

Let’s begin with the place that we all call home. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you have probably watched or heard about Marie Kondo, an author, TV presenter and organizing consultant. The lady who had influenced millions or even billions around the globe to declutter and tidy up their homes into spaces of tranquillity and inspiration.

To answer the title of our post, yes! Environmental wellness can be addressed in Counselling.

Can environmental wellness be addressed in counselling?

How can environmental wellness be addressed in counselling in Singapore?

One way is that therapists might discuss certain concepts of environmental wellness with clients such as:

Decluttering your home

This approach is pretty simple: clearing away items that do not spark any joy in you within your personal home, can allow you to feel serenity, calmness and a warm sense of belongingness within your space of comfort. The goodness of such a change will not only bring you happiness but motivate you to perform better in whatever you do. Some may not have the luxury of decluttering their home area because it is shared with other family members, housemates or even landlords. The idea of environmental cleaning in the concept of environmental wellness is to make way for positivity to fill the space.

What about other places within our environment?

Caring for mother earth

Allow me to share with you some of my personal routines on how I interact with nature; the environment that provides us with air, water, sunlight, and the ground that we step on every single day. I make it a point to turn off socket plug switches whenever it is not in use. I use natural sunlight to dry my laundry instead of a dryer. I have a habit of sorting out trash, from what can be recycled to what really needs to go into the garbage bin. It gives me a sense of responsibility, that minimal effort from me can help mother nature and the earth’s natural resources. In return for gratitude, mother nature gives me the opportunity to enjoy the natural breeze and immerse myself in the greenery as I sometimes take time away from home. Strangely, knowing the fact that Singapore is one of the top urbanized countries in the world, urges me to want to do more for mother nature. The advancements and globalization have damaged a lot of what our ancestors used to be able to enjoy in this external environment, the organic simplicity of life.

Creating a conducive workspace

Many people in the workforce have been affected by the pandemic. Work-from-home implementations could have existed for some companies prior to the pandemic, and that made it easier for them to adapt to a full work-from-home regime. For others, work-from-home was never an option, and the pandemic changed it all for them. For students, it became a study-from-home model.

It seems like the world has adapted to life with the existence of the COVID-19 virus. Restricted measures around the globe have been lifted, and many are living the new normal life of an endemic era. Some workplaces have resumed working in the office, while others have incorporated a hybrid structure or retained their work-from-home model. For any working individual who falls within these categories, implementing good healthy boundaries between work and home is important, hence this brings us to the next point of office environmental wellness.

Spending close to eight hours a day in an office space can be tiring, it will also daunt a lot of those who encounter work politics. Thus, being able to create a supportive working area is crucial for one’s mental well-being. Since you are unable to control other people’s thoughts or behaviours, what you are able to control is your surroundings at work. Perhaps, you can consider reducing the amount of interaction time with toxic people and equip yourself with certain coping methods that could help eliminate the bad aura. Placing an item that keeps you grounded and calm, at a visible spot where you can easily access can help to nurture positivity and encouragement to get by the time that you spend in the office.

Creating some of these changes might be challenging. Companies can engage in our corporate wellness programs to help with employee’s wellbeing. If you notice yourself struggling to make these changes, or even after making changes, you still feel like something is not going right, then the problem might lie in the domain of occupational wellness.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, just like how yours would be different from your friends. There are many ways to create wellness in the environments that we are in. If you find that you have some difficulties in identifying or are unsure of how to start your wellness journey, reach out to us! Give yourself this opportunity, and let our counsellors, coaches and psychologists assist you by introducing wellness options into your life. It is never too late to embark on your true well-being journey in life.

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