How do I get rid of anxiety completely?

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Anxiety is becoming increasingly common in fast-paced cities, especially so in the post-Covid era. We all experience anxiety to various extent, but for those who might be suffering more so than others, it begs the question: can anxiety be completely treated? Read on to find out.

Is Anxiety a Mental Illness: Causes, Symptoms, Types

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Anxiety can simply be a natural stress response to threat or a serious disorder that cripples one at work, school or in relationships. Yet, it is often dismissed as an invalid cause for worry, ironically. Read on to find out the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Tips from a Psychologist in Singapore to deal with Chinese New Year Anxieties

1,175 ViewsHello readers Some people love Chinese New year, others dread it. Chinese New year family reunion dinners or visits seem to be declining. Personally, I still love Chinese New year. I see it as a joyous occasion where I get a break from work, get to see my cousins and relatives (when I get […]