Through the Lens of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

autism spectrum disorder asd special needs counselling behavioural therapist

A true story about two boys on the Autism Spectrum who struggle with sensory issues. While seeking or avoiding sensory stimulation can sometimes create little moments of inconsequential misunderstandings, it may also amount to a mental health condition in some cases. It can be challenging for someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder to navigate this world, and A Kind Place is just a text or call away to provide special needs services or counselling therapies because every individual matters to us.

A Caregiver’s Story: Why Counselling Therapy (Singapore)

caregiver stress special needs counselling therapy

A true story about a caregiver who went beyond her job and sacrificed her life for a girl with special needs. But she is less than okay, her life is falling apart, and she is faced with a dilemma. Being a caregiver is not easy, and A Kind Place is just a text or call away to provide you with counselling therapies because you matter too.