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Hello Readers,

I recently asked a few friends and family of mine a question:

“What is one thing you are proud of as a woman?”

“My Independence”

“Able to Study, Able to Work”

“The support from other Women, when women support women amazing things can happen”

“The ability to do all things others can do while menstruating, becoming stronger after going through so much”

“We are nurturing and caring”

I was amazed with all these answers and felt that, that’s how it should be! We, as women, should be PROUD of ourselves. However, I am aware that many women are still belittled around the world. Sometimes we may feel oppressed, sometimes we may be discriminated against, sometimes we may even feel helpless. I won’t deny the fact that being a woman has its downsides (facing the society’s inequality views and nobody likes menstrual cramps do we?), but let’s not allow all the negative views affect how we think about ourselves. There are many facts about women that will make you feel proud as the woman you are!

Great leaders have their own counsellors/psychologists

Counselling gives us the space to talk about ourselves and allows us to have more space focusing on becoming great leaders.

In the past, women were only seen as child bearers and homemakers. They were looked down upon by the sexist society and injected with the mindset of staying home, taking care of babies. But look at how far we have come today! Women are receiving education, working, and achieving accomplishments. For example, Michelle Obama, she is a mother of 2 but is also a successful women leader. She is the first ever African-American first lady and is a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating. She launched campaigns such as the “Reach Higher” Initiative in 2015, to inspire young people to complete their education past high school to ensure a better future for themselves. Besides that, we have women that hold up the CEO role as well, such as Susan Wojcicki (Youtube’s CEO), Lisa Su (AMD’s CEO), Maggie Timoney (Heineken USA’s CEO) and many more! Among the Fortune’s 500 list in 2021, 41 women (a record high) are leading the largest businesses in the US.

Women being executive leaders is a wonderful progress we have made compared to the past. However, we can still grow stronger to fight the existing inequalities of society today. We are proud to be women, and we will strive better as women!

Counselling lets us be heard instead of just hearing all the time

Women are found to be naturally more compassionate, empathetic, kind and patient. Women are able to be more sensitive to the feelings of others. We relate to the suffering and pain of others, and try our best to offer relief and care to them. When we go for counselling, we get to talk about ourselves for once. Many of times women are the ones doing the listening and we forget to take care of ourselves.

Counselling teaches us to stand up for ourselves

Women have played important roles in no matter from pre-industrial economy, industrial revolution to modern society. There’s one thing in common through all these times, that is women work hard despite the low wages, discrimination, sexual harrassment, bullying and many other hardships. Women today have been increasingly involved in the workforce with a 64.2% female labour force participation rate in Singapore in 2021. Till today, women are still fighting to decrease the inequality in wage gaps. This shows how hard we continue to work despite the obstacles.

Counselling helps us deal with our mood swings and hormonal changes

Periods are a thing to be proud of! We are proud to bleed (just kidding), but have you ever seen a living thing other than female mammals survive after bleeding for one week? No. Which makes it such a proud thing to brag about. Moreover, we carry and nurture a human being within us for 9-10 months, and proceed to bring it out to this world. How amazing is that? We have to also endure all the side effects which come with periods and pregnancy (cramps, headaches, pimples, bloating, vomiting) while doing our daily routine. How hard it seems to endure these and continue our daily life as an ordinary day, and yet, WE DID IT.

Counselling helps us be more mindful

Studies do show that women are more capable of prioritising and switching tasks without losing focus. We can see that in many mothers, from going to work to taking care of the children and house chores. Makes us sound invincible right?

There are so many other facts but I think you get my point. Lastly, we, as women, are beautiful, strong, and brave no matter what flaws we have. We may be judged, oppressed, discriminated by the society, and yet, we still stand strong.

Thank you women for existing, for your sacrifices. Thank you for being the woman you are today. Be proud, stand strong!

Like if you feel proud as a woman or if you are proud of any women in your life!

Wishing everyone Happy International Women’s Day!

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