Psychological counselling services in Singapore

Counselling in Singapore needs to be more accessible to everyone

Hello readers,

Today I am writing because yesterday my mother shared that one of her colleagues committed suicide. This was an Indian national, in his 20s, working in Singapore. He was alone in Singapore with no family. Apparently it was said that he had family issues.

This made me think. We talk about accessibility to mental health services for people around us, we talk about asking people to seek help. However, I think that there are still many barriers for people to seek help.

Barriers to seeking counselling in Singapore

As a Psychologist, I know that services are not cheap. Of course there are services in the community to help the less fortunate, however, these services have a wait time of 4-6 months. Imagine if someone was feeling really crappy and had to wait 4-6 months. That’s a lot of time to have to endure the emotional pain.

I want to do more, but I am not sure how. Maybe we need to build a community that is more supportive, maybe we need to reduce the stigma. Maybe we need to have more supportive people around to lend a listening ear.

I think many people in Singapore constantly feel stressed out by their own problems that it makes it hard for them to be present for their friends. Even if they wanted to, they reach a certain tipping point. This is normal and natural. What I’m wondering is how to we learn to take care of ourselves more so that we can have more space to take care of others?

Maybe our society needs to change as a whole. Imagine if we lived in a community that supports each other, isn’t always thinking that another person is out to get them, another person wants their job. Imagine if we don’t discriminate another person based on age, gender, skin colour, nationality, or status. Imagine if we cared more for one another and offered kindness to others and ourselves.

What a beautiful place to live in. My hopes are that A kind place can really become a place where people can learn to support one another, can feel safe with one another, and can get affordable help that they need. I’m no where close, but one day, I believe I will get there.

If you want to help those who are marginalised, those that might be struggling but cannot afford it, let us know at or whatsApp us here. We can make the world a better place by helping those who really need our help today.