Frequently Asked Questions

You can drop us an email at or drop us a message on WhatsApp here. 

Please fill up the form on the contact page and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Each person coming into counselling is unique and will have different goals and issues that they might want to discuss. Generally, you can expect to discuss your current happenings in life, past experiences relevant to your current situation, and follow up from previous sessions.


Your participation in counselling will determine how much progress you make. Your Psychologist might suggest certain things to do outside therapy such as journaling, noting down behaviours or actions, or practicing different experiential activities. Basically, the more you give to the process, the more you gain. 

Sessions are typically 50 mins long and take place weekly or bi-weekly

Counselling sessions may be conducted In-Person or via Online means.

In-Person sessions are usually conducted at our office.
If you’d require alternative arrangements, feel free to drop us a message and we’re happy to discuss further with you.

Online sessions are conducted via Google Meet video conferencing.
Google Meet has similar functions as Zoom, but opens the video conference in your internet browser window directly and does not require you to download a dedicated software. Our paid account also provides additional security to keep the session safe and confidential.

You can email us at or drop us a message on Whatsapp here (insert link).

Yes. Counselling requires a high level of trust between client and psychologist. Your psychologist, we will provide you with a confidentiality agreement before the start of our sessions together.

You can schedule a 15 minutes consultation with any of our therapists. Just fill up the form here, or drop us a message on WhatsApp here

During the 15 mins consultation, you can get to know your therapist better and they will get to know you better. You can ask them about their approach to counselling, share a little about what you are going through and see whether both of you are a good fit. 

Do you notice yourself feeling sad more often than not? Any changes in your sleeping or eating patterns? Are your relationships and work being affected?  

Therapy can be helpful for anyone who might be experiencing distress in their life. This can be caused by their emotions, thoughts, behaviours, or external circumstances.

All these are potential signs that you might need help. 

Our current rates are:

Counsellor-in-Training: $50/hr [Online | In-Person]
Volunteer Counsellor: $50/hr [In-Person Only]
Counsellor: $150/hr (Individual), $180 (Couple) [Online | In-Person]
Psychologist: $250/hr (Individual), $280 (Couple) [Online | In-Person]
Hypnotherapist: $180/hr [Online | In-Person only]

* Home-based sessions would require an additional $30 to $50 for logistics cost.

To provide support to as many people as we can, we provide discounts under the following conditions (subject to review):

  • Individuals with disability
  • Orange or Blue CHAS card holders
  • Unemployed individuals due to mental health or medical condition

Send your enquires to us at or drop us a message on Whatsapp here.