How can counselling help with burnout in Singapore?

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Burnout is something that I think is getting more and more common nowadays. Think about all the people around you. How often do you realize that the reply to “How are you?” has been “Busy”? Pretty often for me! I think 9/10 of my friends tell me that they are busy or bored. These are the 2 most common replies that I get from people.

We constantly fill our schedule with things. Work, meetings, classes, etc. We worry that if we have some free time, we won’t know what to do. Even then, we fill it by watching TV or scrolling through social media. After which we feel like we have wasted our time or wasted our day away and don’t feel good about ourselves.

We feel tired, exhausted, don’t feel very productive, and lethargic, and get headaches, stomachaches, and back pains, everything just hurts and feels bad. We might not think that these symptoms are associated with burnout. A lot of us even think we thrive on a busy schedule or thrive doing things all day long. Try to take a look at it, slow down, and ask yourself, do you really thrive on a busy schedule? Do you thrive on giving yourself no breaks at all? How is it actually hurting you? What are you missing out on by being so busy all the time? What are you avoiding?

For me, I know that by being so busy all the time, I feel tired, I feel less energy, I am more irritable and do not have enough time for those that I love. My values are family, personal growth, exploration, and helping others. However, I cannot do any of them successfully when I am feeling burnout. It takes a while for me to even realize that I am experiencing burnout. I go and go and go and just say, this is how life is supposed to be. Slowing down sometimes scares me, but after a while, I realize that it is pretty awesome. The moment I say to myself, “Oh! This is burnout”, it actually helped me. I slept better, and my energy the next day improved. I am human too, just like all of you. I am imperfect, I also get caught up in the busyness of modern-day society. I also need to constantly remind myself to pause, slow down, relook at my priorities, and make more time for myself ๐Ÿ™‚ You can too!

I think that life can be a lot more energetic, a lot lighter, a lot happier, and a lot easier. We just need to learn to put ourselves and our needs on the same importance level as others. It’s not about putting ourselves or others first, it’s about doing what aligns with our values and what we have the capacity for.

Burnout counselling
Burnout can cause anxiety, depression, and relationship issues

What counselling can do to help you with burnout in Singapore

  1. Recognise that you are feeling burnout (Feeling tired all the time, physical pains, irritable mood, depression, loss of interest in activities)
  2. Name it, and acknowledge that you are experiencing burnout.
  3. Reflect on your values.
  • Look at your calendar, what events fit into what you value v.s. what are you doing to try to please others or just to fill time?
  • Re-prioritize. Choose a time in a week and schedule something that aligns with your values, that will make you feel good, and that you know is what you truly want to do.
  • If you notice yourself being critical when you are trying to do something for yourself, ask yourself, is that something you would say to a friend who is trying to do the same?

Reclaim your life and be kinder to yourself. YOU MATTER. You are just as important as any living being on this planet ๐Ÿ™‚

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