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How to choose the right psychologist or counsellor in Singapore?

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This is my first blog post for my site and I wanted to make sure that I’m providing information that you might find helpful for the start of your therapeutic journey.

Counselling is a private relationship between you and your counsellor. Searching for the counsellor who is a good fit is not easy. It’s just like searching for a partner. There are so many counsellors and psychologists out there, so how do you know if you’ve met the right one?

A counsellor is someone who you need to feel comfortable with, someone who you feel connected with, someone who you can trust and are willing to feel vulnerable with. When you speak to this person, you feel like they understand you, they know what you’re saying, and that they are actually listening and hearing you.

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How to find the right psychologist or counsellor in Singapore?


  1. Do your homework: Do a Google search, talk to friends, ask for recommendations of counsellors or psychologists. Write down a list of potential people who you might want to see.
  2. Do a Google search on the people on your list. What are their specialties? Can they help you with what you are going through? How do they conduct therapy?
  3. Find out their rates. Before diving head in to counselling, know what you can afford. You do not want to be paying for therapy and not be able to afford your next meal. In Singapore, the typical rate for a psychologist in private practice is anything from $180 all the way to $400.
  4. Reach out. Some therapist are open to doing a 15 minute consultation or an email consultation. Drop them a message or an email. See if you feel comfortable with them during your initial interaction.
  5. In-person or online? Whichever your preference, check whether your therapist is comfortable using that means of conducting therapy with you.
  6. Prepare to share about yourself in the first session, the therapist wants to know you, just as you want to know the therapist
  7. Schedule your first session with your counsellor or psychologist – this does not mean you’re stuck with the person. This is a good time for you to get a feel of whether you are comfortable in working with this counsellor or psychologist Sometimes the first session might be OK, but after the 2nd or 3rd you do not feel a connection, that is OK, just let your counsellor or psychologist know.
  8. If you do not feel the connection, start over from step 2, using the list that you’ve collected in step 1.


  1. Do not stick to a counsellor or psychologist who you feel uncomfortable with or who you do not feel connected to. Counselling is your time, you are paying for it, and it is supposed to help you.
  2. Do not give up even if you don’t find the right counsellor or psychologist on the first try.
  3. Do not be afraid to reach out. If you ever feel like dropping us a message, we would definitely reply you, even if the first counsellor is not the best fit for you, we would be happy to refer you to someone else who might be!

I hope these tips are helpful to you! If you have any questions or wonder what it’s like to work with our team, drop us an email at or WhatsApp us here.

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