Mandd Fernando | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified NLP Master practitioner
Professional Member of Complementary Therapist Accredited Association

Mandd Fernando - Hypnotherapist
Depression, phobia, addiction, trauma, imposter syndrome, grief

Language: English

Fees: $180/session (In-person only)


Hi Everyone, My name is Mandd Fernando ( pronounce as man ). I am a clinical hypnotherapist, my belief is no one is broken, they just experience negative situation.

In my therapy I will always create safe and no judgement environment, what I do is to help you to retrain and realign your subconscious mind. We are all the product of our past suffering and pleasure, most of these resulted a habit and belief which is implanted into our subconscious mind.

“If your conscious and subconscious minds are not aligned, then fulfilling your heart’s desire will be a constant struggle, and living your dream will be next to impossible.” Dan Brule

From my own life experience of having a broken family situation, temporary blindness which made me almost decide to take my own life it influence me on how I see others and make me believe that everyone should have a second chance in life and it always my honor to be a facilitator of your breakthrough journey for your mental health, personal or professional journey.

My message to you is “ to look for help in mental health or breakthrough area doesn’t means you are weak, it means that you want to be better soon. Imagine you add 1 kg of weight on each wrist each time you experience negative experience in a month or years time will you still able to do your activity freely ? though you cant see that weight its how the weight was added to your mental body that drain your mental health “

I am looking forward to be part of you breakthrough journey