A Kind Place is a team of trained professionals constantly raising awareness and the foundations to a collective community that’s “A Kind Place”

Ooi Sze Jin
Founder of A Kind Place

Therapy isn’t always perfect because there’s another person on the other end of the couch who is a variable. This made me want to be the best therapist I could for my client, but yet, it helped me recognise my limitations because I am human too.

When I started being a therapist, I knew that I needed to do 1 thing, I needed to be genuine, truly care, and listen to the other person on the other side. Working in America helped me a lot because I had kind bosses and kind supervisors. I had support that I never had before. I felt like I could be a good therapist as long as I remained humble and keep learning.

Coming back to Singapore, I did not get any of that. I could not find a job as a therapist and I was repeatedly criticised by various bosses, and even my relatives. This drove me to want to do something different. I wanted to create a working environment where my therapist and staff can feel safe. If people working with me feel safe, I know they will do the best for their clients too.

This is why I started A Kind Place.

What have we done so far?

We have helped and are still helping | over 100+ people from all walks of life

We have worked together with social service workers | to help build stronger communities

We have conducted workshops and trained corporate staffs | to practice better mental well-being

A Brief History

Established in 2021, A Kind Place is dedicated to offering accessible, affordable, and compassionate mental health care. Our clinic is staffed by qualified and caring mental health professionals who prioritise the needs of our clients. Our mission is to serve a wide range of individuals and become renowned for our kind and supportive approach, accompanying you on your path to a bright future