Psychological counselling services in Singapore

Dr. Tanaphong Uthayaratana | Counselling Psychologist

PhD in Counseling Psychology

Member of Thailand Counseling Psychology Association

Our Founder
Relationships, daily life concerns, mindfulness
Tertiary students, adults
Thai, English

Fees: $160/hr (Online)
Hi, I’m Tanaphong Uthayaratana (Mind), PhD, a Counseling Psychologist From Thailand.
I am passionate about helping people get insight to develop their psychological wellbeing through everyday life and also problematic situations. I belief that there are many aspect of psychological well-being.
People can perceived their psychological healthiness from doing nothing, searching their meaningful life, until walking their path to spiritual development. As long as they are true to themselves. My theoretical approach is based on emphatic understanding, mindfulness application approach, humanistic and existential approach, problem-solving, and Buddhist counseling and psychotherapy (no worries, I practice it as a non religious way and I am not a monk either). ​