Amanda Xavier | Psychologist

Masters in Clinical Psychology 

Singapore Psychological Society – Full Member

Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology – Full Member

Clinical psychologist - Amanda Xavier
LGBTQ+, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, self-worth, ADHD

Young adults, working adults, Late teens (older adolescence)

Language: English and Bahasa Melayu

Fees: $180/hr (Online only)

As a clinical psychologist, I have experience working with a diverse population of clients including young adults, parents, working adults, and LGBTQ+ individuals, presenting with mild to severe clinical concerns such as self-worth and self-confidence issues, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD and BDD. I prefer using a holistic approach based on person-centered therapy but bring in tools from my main choice of ACT, and CBT, DBT and more based on your needs.

As a person, I am passionate about helping you achieve not only a desirable therapy goal, but also to enrich your life for a much more content long-term outcome. When I work with you, I am a supporter of your progress and setbacks, and also a companion along your journey. I strive for therapy being a safe, open, and supportive place, especially to LGBTQ+ individuals, which is why I am a queer-affirming therapist, and striving to learn and grow more each day.

I also like to enjoy each day as it comes not only for my personal benefit but because my mental health levels would affect how well I can support my clients too. I am a collector of hobbies, ranging from reading and video games, to roller skating and tabletop role-playing games. So if you ever need a session to just share about your passions and hobbies, I would be happy to prioritize this too, then we can get back to your goals later!