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Corporate Talks and Workshops

We provide talks and workshops on a variety of mental health topics, including options for 30 or 60-minute talks as well as half-day mindfulness, creative arts, and employee bonding workshops. All our talks and workshops are customisable to meet your organisation’s needs. Whatsapp us to enquire or schedule a consultation.


Below are some talks available for you to choose from (hover the card to learn more):

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Self-Compassion and Compassion at Work

Self-compassion and mindfulness are the keys to building positive workplace relationships and company culture. At the root of every successful collaboration is an ability to treat ourselves and others with kindness. Self-compassion at work can promote better relationships, improve job satisfaction, reduce stress, and increase productivity. 

Led by experienced consultants, you will gain insights into:

- Increasing awareness and insight of themselves and others

- Managing negative emotions through self-kindness and empathy

- Inspiring teams with constructive feedback instead of criticism  

- Letting go of limiting beliefs around compassion

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Stress and Burnout Management

We also address managing stress, a pervasive challenge exacerbated by today's uncertainties. Stress and burnout is something that is commonplace at work. With the unstable economy, longer work hours, and a constant change in work environments, employees are reporting higher levels of stress and lower levels of job satisfaction and productivity (The Business Times, 2023). 

In our talks and workshops, we cover: 

- Recognising stressors at work and home

- How stress affects our body and minds

- What we can do to manage stress better

- Creating a personal stress management plan

- Reclaiming work-life balance

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Caregiver Burnout

The physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion of caregiving can overwhelm one’s ability to function effectively. Caregiver burnout in addition to work stress can take a toll on one’s productivity. Recognising the early signs of overwhelm is crucial in preventing burnout. We aim to support caregivers by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to manage their demanding roles sustainably.

Our talks and workshops delve into:

- Understanding the caregiver role

- Identifying burnout symptoms

- Coping mechanisms for managing caregiver stress

- Self-care for caregivers

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Sharpen Focus and Overcome Procrastination

Do you experience procrastination at work, or do you have employees who struggle with procrastination? Procrastination is truly the thief of time and many of us struggle with it. We offer solutions through focus mastery and mindful practices at work. 

Our expert consultants will discuss topics such as:

- Understanding what is procrastination and why we do it

- Overcoming distractions and completing tasks on schedule  

- How mindfulness and compassion can help

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Mindful Leadership for Corporate Wellness

We understand the importance of mindful leadership for corporate wellness. Being a leader requires awareness of self, empathy for others, and the ability to lead. Leaders who practise mindfulness can positively influence their teams and organisations. 

Our talks and workshops cover:

- How to influence individuals in your team, organisation, family and community

- Methods to practise mindful leadership

- The traits to be a good leader

- Methods to influence mindfulness in your team

- Taking the essential step to raise your leadership to the next level

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Uncover the Observer Perspective

Achieving an observer's perspective is central to mindfulness. Our experiential exercises teach managing stressful emotions by slowing down to observe thoughts and body sensations without judgement. 

Our expert consultants will guide you through the following:

- Learn the core concepts of the observer perspective

- Master essential experiential exercises

- Understand the two states of mind: the Thinking Mind and the Observer Mind

- Practise the observer perspective to allow you to observe what’s happening in your body, be able to slow down, make better choices, and control your stressful emotions

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Saying "No" for Wellbeing

Polite refusal is an important life skill. We will discuss the benefits of balance by making space for priorities. Learn why "no" feels difficult and how accommodating others affects mental health and relationships long-term. Leave empowered to set boundaries.

Through our talks and workshops, you will learn:

- The art of politely saying no to requests or invitations

- How to make more space for things that are truly important

- Why it is hard to say no

- Fully appreciate what would happen if you said yes all the time

- Understanding the benefits of saying no

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Boost Self-Esteem at Work

How you view yourself impacts your world. Explore where self-worth ideas originate and how low self-image influences you. Identify what impacts your confidence and establish practical methods to feel better about yourself each day.

Our expert consultants will cover:

- Understanding self-worth

- Learning how we accept or see yourselves

- What impacts your self-esteem and how self-esteem affects you

- Establishing ways to boost your self-esteem

Custom Programs for Unique Needs

Can't find a program that suits your organisation? Our experts can tailor additional sessions specific to your company's needs. Contact us to discuss mindfulness training for your corporate wellness program today.

Contact us to bring wellness solutions to your Singapore office and empower success through compassion.