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Couples counselling

Our therapists can help you navigate through conflict and restore hope in your relationships

Couples counselling (Online / In-Person)

At the beginning, relationships usually start off with a “honeymoon” period where couples just live in the bliss and passion of being together. However, as partners grow to understand each other more, spend more time with each other, conflicts might arise, quirks that you used to like might become annoyances, or sources of anxiety. As time passes, the relationship might grow more distant, colder, or unhappier.

At A Kind Place, our therapists are here to help you work through that. Couples counselling might be for you if you are experiencing

  • Frequent conflict that keeps coming up
  • Reduction or lack of intimacy
  • Work-life balance, work commitment, or time management issues
  • Conflicts about parenting styles
  • Infidelity (Cheating)
  • Anger management
  • Financial issues
  • Troubles with in-laws

​If you are experiencing any of these issues, feel free to reach out. Our counsellors will work with you to help you understand your relationship better, help you learn better communication skills, and take a non-judgmental, non-bias stance in working on your relationship together. We embrace all kinds of couples, whether you are straight, bisexual, homosexual, monogamous, polygamous, polyamorous, or in a relationship with kinks, we want to work with you. Everyone has their freedom and choice to love who they want and how they want.

What to Expect
In some sessions, the therapist might ask to see both parties separately so that each person can have a safe space to talk about what’s important to them

Majority of the sessions will be done together and the therapist will help you navigate difficult conversations, teach you skills to better communicate, and help each of you have a clearer understanding about what you want from the relationship

Read more by our counsellor, Ms. Su Yunting in her blogpost here

Couples counsellors


Ms. Amanda Yeo, Senior Psychologist

  • Full member of Singapore Psychological Society
  • Masters in Psychology
  • EMDR certified

Languages: English

Our Founder

Dr. Tanaphong Uthayaratana (Mind), Counselling Psychologist

  • Counselling Psychologist
  • PhD in Counseling Psychology
  • Member of Thailand Counseling Psychology Association

Languages: English, Mandarin (华语), Cantonese