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Our couples counsellors in Singapore can help you navigate through conflict and restore hope in your relationship as a couple in Singapore. Talk to us today. 

As time goes on, it’s natural for conflicts to arise as partners get to know each other more. Little quirks that used to be cute can now cause frustration. You may feel like you’re growing apart instead of together. If this sounds familiar, the counsellors and psychologists at A Kind Place are here to help. Our therapists support all types of couples. Whether you’re straight, gay or somewhere in between – monogamous, open or poly – we accept you as you are. Our counsellors and psychologists will work with you to better understand your relationship dynamics. You’ll learn communication skills to resolve conflicts respectfully. We provide a non-judgmental space to work through challenges together. 

Our goal is to help you strengthen your bond and find happiness as a couple again. You don’t have to go through relationship struggles alone. We offer couples counselling online or in-person in Singapore.

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Our Couples Therapy Counsellors

Senior Psychologist - Amanda Yeo

Ms. Amanda Yeo, Senior Psychologist

  • Full member of Singapore Psychological Society
  • Masters in Psychology
  • EMDR certified

Languages: English

Our Founder - Dr. Tanaphong Uthayaratana - Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Tanaphong Uthayaratana (Mind), Counselling Psychologist

  • Counselling Psychologist
  • PhD in Counseling Psychology
  • Member of Thailand Counseling Psychology Association

Languages: English, Mandarin (华语), Cantonese

FAQs on Couples Counselling in Singapore

We all dream of our “happily ever after” life with our dream partner. What many people don’t realise, however, is that there is a lot of hard work to be done after riding off in the sunset. When the honeymoon is over, there is usually more compromise than candlelit dinners. The whirlwind excitement transitions into another part of the daily grind. All of a sudden it’s the struggle to communicate that is making your heart race. And, it is all completely normal!

Falling in love is easy. Making that love last and flourish over time is anything but simple. Most of us are not experts in communication and we are certainly not mind-readers. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to communicate effectively. It is critical to find a way to face and overcome the countless obstacles that will continue to come up over the years.

Here at A Kind Place, our therapists are specialists in couples counselling who help two people develop the lifelong skills that are fundamental to the success of every couples relationship.

If you’re considering getting started with a therapist, there is one thing you need to know: this is a sign of success, not a failure! Working on your this is an extremely positive thing that can change the course of your relationship.

Just like hiring a personal trainer to learn how to improve your health and fitness, a therapist is there for pairs looking to enhance their ability to be nurturing and happy partners. In therapy, couples learn how to nurture their relationship while growing and thriving as individuals.

Couples counselling sessions are always a smart idea. Most of us don’t continue on with it for a lifetime, however. In most cases, couples get started with marriage counselling during a challenging time. When things are going well and we’re busy with our lives, relationships often go into autopilot and that’s fine. On the other hand, when we’re stressed and facing obstacles, every frustration and annoyance sits at the forefront of our minds. During these difficult times, couples therapy services are particularly useful.

At our Singapore therapy office, we specialise in a wide range of issues that create conflict between two people. Here are a few of the common topics that are frequently brought up upon during sessions:

  • Frequent conflicts
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Issues with work-life balance
  • Parenting styles clash
  • Conflict over in-laws
  • Infidelity
  • Anger management
  • Financial issues

When it comes to the time to start therapy, it’s essential to find the right therapist for you. There are many talented therapists out there but, with the nature of a client-therapist relationship, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of service. While it’s great to get recommendations for couples therapists in Singapore from people you know, what works for your friends or family isn’t always right for you.

It’s important to start with an open mind, ask questions, and trust your instincts to find the right fit. You’ll find a range of secular and religious therapies in Singapore. You’ll find services in countless languages. You’ll get to choose online vs in-person couples counselling. It’s all out there for you to pick from.

At A Kind Place, we embrace all kinds of couples and understand the unique challenges of a couple’s life. Whether you are married, dating, straight, bisexual, homosexual, monogamous, polygamous, polyamorous, or in any other kind of relationship, we are here to help.

Every couple has a different experience. In our office, we sometimes begin by seeing each person separately for a one-to-one session. This can be a helpful start for getting to know you as an independent person. From there, the majority of the therapy sessions are done together with the pair and their therapist together.

The goal of the sessions is to help you develop the skills to a successful relationship. Of course, there is often one or a handful of key issues that will be the priority. Regardless of these, in every situation, the overarching goal is to work together to help you and your partner learn how to navigate difficult conversations, communicate better, and have a clearer understanding of what you want from your partner.

Is in-person counselling more effective than online therapy? The truth is that it all depends. There are distinct advantages to both in-person and online couples therapy.

In the end, the most successful therapy happens when both people are truly invested. When a couple sincerely wants to make things work, they are diligent in going to therapy and finding solutions. These are the couples who find counselling to be life-changing.

Choosing between online and in-person therapy is only a question of finding what you need to make it work. It’s very much a matter of lifestyle and personality. Some find that navigating Singapore traffic makes squeezing in-person appointments into an already busy schedule stressful. Others see that they can build a better connection with the relationship counsellors and each other by speaking face-to-face with no distractions. Certain pairs even incorporate their therapy sessions into a date night, with a nice dinner booked for after the session. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to approach.

So, how much does couple therapy cost? When it comes to the cost, there are a few different options available.

All of our couples therapy sessions are changed based on the mental health professional you choose to work with. Currently, our rates are as follows:

Counsellor-in-training: $60/hr

Note, when it comes to online vs in-person therapy, there is a $40 surcharge for in-person sessions or a $50 surcharge for home-based sessions.

Ask us about the prorated fees that we have available on a case-to-case basis.

In some sessions, the therapist might ask to see both parties separately so that each person can have a safe space to talk about what’s important to them

Majority of the sessions will be done together and the therapist will help you navigate difficult conversations, teach you skills to better communicate, and help each of you have a clearer understanding about what you want from the relationship

Read more by our counsellor, Ms. Su Yunting in her blogpost here

At A Kind Place, our therapists are here to help you work through that. Couples counselling might be for you if you are experiencing

  • Frequent conflict that keeps coming up
  • Reduction or lack of intimacy
  • Work-life balance, work commitment, or time management issues
  • Conflicts about parenting styles
  • Infidelity (Cheating)
  • Anger management
  • Financial issues
  • Troubles with in-laws

Our team specialises in various fields such as tailored counselling for men while also providing ADHD diagnosis in Singapore if you suspect you or your loved one is suffering from ADHD.

We also offer corporate wellness programs for companies interested in boosting employees’ morale.

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