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Loss and grief

We all face losses in our life and having a period of time where we grief, we might feel sad, numb, guilt, and even anger. This is normal and gradually, these feelings ease, and we can accept the loss and move forward. However, for some people, feelings of loss are cause them high levels of distress, impair functioning, and don’t improve even after time passes. This is known as complicated grief, sometimes called persistent complex bereavement disorder. In complicated grief, painful emotions are so long lasting and severe that you have trouble recovering from the loss and resuming your own life.

Examples of losses in life

  • Death of a loved one, friend, pet
  • Ending of a relationship (Divorce, break up)
  • Loss of employment or business
  • Having a child that might have developmental disabilities
  • Any major changes in life or people around you

Everyone goes through grief differently. The order and timing of the grieving process varies from person to person. There are 5 stages of grief according to the Kubler-Ross model (Five Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kubler Ross & David Kessler).

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

These stages are not linear and might not follow a pattern. You might jump from one stage to another at any given point of time.

You might be experiencing complicated grief if it has been months or years after your loss and the loss still feels as raw, as painful as before. In normal grief, the symptoms of grief slowly reduce over time to a level where it is acceptable and you are able to function regularly in your day to day life.

Signs and symptoms of complicated grief:

  • Deep feelings of sadness, pain and rumination over the loss of your loved one
  • Focus on little other than the loss
  • Excessive avoidance of reminders of the loss (person, place, event)
  • Intense and persistent longing of the object of loss (person, place, event)
  • Problems accepting the loss
  • Numbness or detachment
  • Bitterness about your loss
  • Loss of meaning or purpose in life
  • Troubles carrying out normal routines
  • Isolating from others or withdrawing from social activities
  • Experience depression, deep sadness, guilt or self-blame
  • Believe that you did something wrong or could have prevented the loss

​If you notice yourself of someone you know experiencing these symptoms, we want to help. Reach out to us to find out how our therapists can work together with you in processing and healing from the loss today.

Couples counsellors


Ms. Su Yunting, Professional Counsellor

  • Masters in Counselling
  • Member of Singapore Association for Counselling
  • Certified Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) Practitioner
  • BSc in Psychology

Languages: English, Mandarin (华语), Cantonese

Our Founder

Dr. Tanaphong Uthayaratana (Mind), Counselling Psychologist

  • Counselling Psychologist
  • PhD in Counseling Psychology
  • Member of Thailand Counseling Psychology Association

Languages: English, Mandarin (华语), Cantonese

Psychologists Counsellors

Ms. Pragati Pritmani, Professional Counsellor

  • Masters in Counselling
  • Member of Singapore Association for Counselling
  • Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
  • BSc in Physiology

Languages: English, Hindi