Psychological counselling services in Singapore

Individual counselling

We provide both in-person and online counselling

Counselling sessions

Counselling may be beneficial to you if any of the following resonates with you:

  • Do you feel isolated or lonely?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious?
  • Are you hurting yourself with alcohol, drug or food?
  • Are you unable to move on after the loss of someone you loved?
  • Do you repeat patterns in your relationships?
  • Do you struggle with transitions in life?
  • Do you feel that your child is experiencing difficulties?
  • Do you need guidance of someone uninvolved to talk to?


Anxiety presents itself in many ways. From butterflies in your stomach, racing thoughts, to difficulties in breathing. These can be due to life transitions, difficult relationships, or being put in pressured situations. It just does not feel good.

Using techniques such as mindfulness can help you approach emotion in a grounded, centered manner, thereby not only reducing symptoms, but also finding greater strength, passion, and joy.


Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse can all cause your life to turn upside down. You might notice yourself feeling edgy all the time, or crying for no reason. Sometimes you might even feel nothing at all. Trauma hurts, and it can feel lonely.

Work together with us to process your past experience, learn about how trauma has affected your life, and how to heal and regain control over your life after trauma.

Self-confidence / Self-esteem

Always feeling like you are not good enough? That you always need to strive to be better, stronger, more successful? Many people struggle with low self-esteem. It might affect your performance at work and home, or your relationships. It’s that constant need to be better than others. 

Therapy can help you move from a place of low self-esteem to one of self-compassion, where you learn to love you for you. 

Work stress / burnout

Feeling overwhelmed, agitated, cynical about work, decreased work performance, lost of interest in your job, or withdrawing from others? You might be experiencing burnout.

Journey with us to understand your stress and yourself better, learn and practice self-care strategies, how to set boundaries , and how to build a more resilient you!


Relationships can be challenging and they can bring about a lot of emotions. Whether it is divorce, infidelity, sexual problems, breakups, or interpersonal conflict, we are here for you.

We can work with you to learn more about effective communication, understand yourself and others better, develop more compassion and empathy, and be more mindful in your communication with others.


We experience loss in many ways in our lives. We might grief when we lose a loved one, a pet, our jobs, a relationship, or even our job. Grieving for a short period of time is healthy and normal. However, if grief persists and does not go away no matter what you try, that’s when you might need help.

Work with us to help you process the grief and find hope and light in your life again.

Online counselling

Meet our psychologists and counsellors at the convenience of your own home

Are you hoping to meet a counsellor or psychologist but may not be able to come to our premises? Online Counselling (Video Counselling) may be the perfect solution for you.

Some benefits of online counselling include but are not limited to:

  • Experiencing greater convenience to have the session where you feel most comfortable at
  • Saving time on commuting to and from our office
  • Eliminating any fears that one may have about bumping into someone they know
  • Feeling more comfortable to share freely about what the they are experiencing
  • Meet our counsellors and psychologists even if you are located overseas

Our counsellors at A Kind Place will conduct the session for you virtually. Please note that sessions are by appointment only.

What You Will Need
A laptop or computer with an Internet connection, web camera and audio input, or

Your phone (You will need to download the video conferencing app available on iOS and Android)

What to Expect
Once you have scheduled your session with us, you will receive a calendar invite or email with the meeting details for you to login to the online (video) session. Please ensure that you have a smooth Internet connection to ensure good video and audio quality of your session

The counsellor or psychologist will log in during the appointment and the virtual counselling session will commence