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Join our mental health workshops to learn effective techniques for managing stress, building resilience, and cultivating a more positive mindset. A safe and supportive space where individuals can come together to share their experiences, learn from one another, and build meaningful connections. Find like-minded people with similar struggles from schizophrenia to postpartum problems

Mindfulness WORKSHOPS

Mindfulness for Emotional Regulation

Get in touch with your emotions!

Objectives of programme:

1. Allow trainees to be more in-touch with their emotions

2. Learn to use movement as a means of expressing emotions

3. Learn healthy ways of regulating emotions

Session 1: Introduction to mindfulness

Getting in touch with your 5 senses. Introduction to a series of activities such as listening to music, breathing exercises, and being present.

Session 2,3,4: Mindful movement (Yoga)

  • Learn how to move their body mindfully and learn how to coordinate their breath and movement
  • Learn to release their stress, anxiety, and frustration through yoga practices
  • Learn to slow down

Session 5: Mindful movement (Walking)

Involved outdoor activities and learning to interact with nature and slow down.

Multisensory Art Programme

Enhance your creativity with us!

Objectives of programme:

  1. Equip trainees with the ability to express themselves through creative arts
  2. Improve gross motor and fine motor skills
  3. Improve body’s response to external stimuli through sensory-based experiences
  4. Learning to use every day materials as art.
  5. Improving creativity and explore options for future employment in the field of arts
AKP Multisensory Art Workshop
Origami (3 sessions)
  • Making paper feel fun
  • Folding shapes

Fun with colours (2 sessions)

  • Colouring with wax crayons
  • Sticker Art

Edible Plasticine (3 sessions)

  • Getting familiar with materials
  • Mixing colours
  • Learning about shapes

Getting familiar with different art materials (2 sessions)

  • String painting
  • watercolour painting


Expressing their dreams and emotions through art (2 sessions)

  • Figurine painting


Improving fine motor and creativity skills (2 sessions)

  • Clay modelling


Art in everyday materials (2 sessions)

  • Print making

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