Psychological counselling services in Singapore

Special needs

We provide on-site job coaching and mentoring for persons with special needs

Special needs counselling

Does your child have special needs (i.e. intellectual disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Down syndrome, or other developmental delays) and is having difficulties with maintaining friendships, sustaining a job, or has difficulties with regulating their emotions? We are here to help. 

Some benefits of counselling and behaviour management include but are not limited to:

  • Having someone to talk to and feel understood

  • Learn how to navigate through life and society more independently

  • Live life according to what is important to them (thrive, and not just survive)

  • Learn to build better relationships and feel less alone

  • Help parents feel less stressed and learn to communicate with your children better

Our psychologists and counsellors at A Kind Place has over 10 years of joint experience working with people with special needs. 

What to Expect

  • Begin by booking a FREE 15 mins consultation with our therapist to find someone who is a good fit

  • Once you have scheduled your session with us, our job coach will contact you to get more information about your child. They will do an assessment with your child and yourself to understand what your child’s needs are. 

  • Sessions are usually conducted in-person in our office at Chinatown

  • Our therapists will work closely with you as parents to understand your child and your family’s needs

  • Therapy is a collaborative process where everyone in your child’s life can play a part to helping your child thrive

Our special needs team

Best psychologist Singapore

Ms. Amanda Yeo, Senior Psychologist

  • Full member of Singapore Psychological Society
  • Masters in Psychology
  • EMDR certified

Languages: English

Dr. Wong Ling Yuan, Psychologist

  • PsyD Clinical Psychology
  • Member of American Psychological Association
  • Board Approved Behavioral Analyst (BCBA)

Languages: English, Mandarin (华语), Cantonese