Loneliness: Causes and Remedies

loneliness causes and remedies

Everyone feels lonely at some point of time, and for a variety of reasons. It could manifest differently in different people too. Some might shop, while some might hoard, and the list goes on. But how do we cope or even overcome loneliness victoriously?

How do I get rid of anxiety completely?

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Anxiety is becoming increasingly common in fast-paced cities, especially so in the post-Covid era. We all experience anxiety to various extent, but for those who might be suffering more so than others, it begs the question: can anxiety be completely treated? Read on to find out.

Is Anxiety a Mental Illness: Causes, Symptoms, Types

anxiety disorder stress

Anxiety can simply be a natural stress response to threat or a serious disorder that cripples one at work, school or in relationships. Yet, it is often dismissed as an invalid cause for worry, ironically. Read on to find out the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Mindfulness and A Wellness Retreat

mindfulness wellness retreat

Being mindful means to be completely aware and engaged in your sensory, thought and emotional experience. It sounds so simple but yet it’s so hard to achieve. Read on to find out more about what mindfulness is and its astounding benefits.

Toxic Workplace Relations: How to Detox?

toxic coworker boss wellness retreat

Do you know a toxic boss or coworker? Read on to find out more about what makes workplace relations toxic, as we share some gut-wrenching workplace stories. Learn how you can detox from your toxic boss or coworker through a wellness retreat.

What are Toxic Relationship: How to Detox?

toxic relationship detox wellness retreat

Are you in a toxic relationship? Toxic relationships take on many forms, and they can be difficult to identify at first, so what are some tell-tale signs and red flags of a toxic relationship? Read on to see if you can relate to these true accounts on toxic relationships featured. Learn how you can detox from your toxic relationships through a wellness retreat. A Kind Place is just a text or call away because your mental wellness matters.

Through the Lens of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

autism spectrum disorder asd special needs counselling behavioural therapist

A true story about two boys on the Autism Spectrum who struggle with sensory issues. While seeking or avoiding sensory stimulation can sometimes create little moments of inconsequential misunderstandings, it may also amount to a mental health condition in some cases. It can be challenging for someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder to navigate this world, and A Kind Place is just a text or call away to provide special needs services or counselling therapies because every individual matters to us.

A Caregiver’s Story: Why Counselling Therapy (Singapore)

caregiver stress special needs counselling therapy

A true story about a caregiver who went beyond her job and sacrificed her life for a girl with special needs. But she is less than okay, her life is falling apart, and she is faced with a dilemma. Being a caregiver is not easy, and A Kind Place is just a text or call away to provide you with counselling therapies because you matter too.