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Why is spirituality important in counselling?

Hello readers,

These past few weeks we have been posting about spiritual wellness and how it is important to you. Last week I shared what spiritual wellness means and how to achieve it in your life.

Spirituality is something that can help guide the counselling process and is important to be addressed as well. When we think about our lives, we might think about what is the purpose of life? What meaning is there to life? Why do things happen in our lives? What drives us? What are our values?

All these questions can be related to spirituality. Some people derive meaning through religion; religion provides hope, it provides a purpose, an explanation to things that happen without a logical explanation. Others derive meaning through faith, faith that everything happens for a reason and that the universe knows.

Why is spirituality important in counselling?

Spirituality is important because it provides us with hope, a sense of purpose, meaning, something that we can believe in and put our faith in. Whether you believe in god, the universe, a greater being, a specific deity, or even mother earth. It allows you to have trust and faith that there’s more to life, and that you have been put onto this planet for a reason, and you are part of something greater than yourself.

We might enter and leave this planet alone, however, our journey here doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Many people in Singapore live very isolated lives, they live life that lacks meaning, lacks purpose, and zombie through life. Many people just work and work and work. Everyday is just rinse and repeat – does that provide you with fulfillment or are you just avoiding looking deeper?

Are you just surviving or are you thriving?

Developing your own sense of what spirituality means to you and how you develop it can give you a greater sense of meaning and move you towards a sense of a value driven life instead of just surviving and zombie-ing through life!

How is spirituality addressed in counselling?

In counselling, spirituality can be discussed between therapist and client, this process has to be delicate and the therapist cannot impose their views on their clients. Spirituality can also come in the form of discussion of religion. Some people have a religion that brings them hope and meaning, that brings them a sense of community and purpose, that is important too.

For example, for myself, I am spiritual but not very religious. When my clients come to me, I teach them certain mindfulness and meditation techniques, however, none that are faith based or might get confused with other religions. I ask them what their religious beliefs are and teach them how to use mindfulness while practicing their own religion. It can be through prayer, through connecting with the community, or to connect with god. All are acceptable and encouraged.

When we learn to let go of ourselves, our ego, and learn to be more in touch with nature, the universe, and be part of a community, we can live a better, more fulfilling life.

The mind, body, and soul are all important parts of wellbeing. Through looking at our emotions and thoughts alone, we can make progress, but you might still feel incomplete. Through nourishing our soul, that’s the next step forward.

Our therapists all practice from a secular teaching and are open to all beliefs, religions, and cultures. If you are looking for a safe space to explore your spirituality further, feel free to drop us an email at or WhatsApp us here.